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Implementing a social media policy

Considering around seven out of ten Americans spend time on at least one social media site, it’s worth your time to implement a social media policy into your

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7 Ways to Improve Your Employer Brand

First impressions are everything; just ask the 75% of job seekers who consider a company’s employer brand a key factor in submitting their application. When companies don’t invest

In-House HR or Outsourced HR?

Though every business approaches human resources differently, they generally run with in-house HR or outsourced HR. Both have their merits, and our team has experience with each. However,

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Protecting your business from employment lawsuits

Few words strike fear in the heart of a business owner like “lawsuit.” Unfortunately, employment lawsuits are an ever-present threat to companies, especially those with limited HR compliance

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What is an HRO?

Previously we’ve written about ASOs and PEOs, but there’s a third model that treads the line between those two called an HRO. HROs, or human resources outsourcing companies,

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6 HR Trends for 2023

2022 has been a rollercoaster ride of a year for businesses, and, heading into 2023, we’ve identified some emerging HR trends to keep your eyes on. How human

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Encouraging Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Employee resource groups, or ERGs, instill a sense of belonging and understanding in the workplace. For those reasons, they’re also an effective retention tool, and if you’re like

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8 Employee Retention Strategies

Businesses everywhere struggle with employee retention. The dust has finally settled after the Great Resignation and Great Reshuffle. Now, according to a report by Lattice, two-thirds of HR

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How to increase PTO usage in 2023

Did PTO usage hit a healthy amount for your employees this year? If your employees underutilized their PTO in 2022, they aren’t alone. 55% of Americans don’t use

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