Services That a Good HRO (Human Resources Outsourcing) Provider Should Cover

When seeking to organise their business operations, small businesses often find themselves grappling with the multifaceted demands of human resources (HR) management. From administrative tasks to talent acquisition and compliance issues, HR (Human Resources) can be overwhelming. That’s where a reliable Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) provider steps in to alleviate the burden and streamline HR […]

Performing a skills gap analysis

If you haven’t performed a skill gap analysis recently, you might have more of a skills canyon forming beneath your workforce. New technology, products, and services beget new skills, and many organizations struggle to keep up. So if you want to avoid taking a tumble down a widening skills gap, the first step is identifying […]

Pros and cons of a four-day workweek

Portrait of smiling mature businessman at meeting in modern office during a four-day workweek

By now, you’ve probably heard all the chatter extolling the eye-popping benefits of a four-day workweek. Increased revenue? Higher employee satisfaction? A 32-hour workweek with no dips in productivity? Seemingly every report indicates that the four-day workweek experiments are an overwhelming success. It certainly feels like the beginning of a massive shift in how we […]

How HR Can Drive Revenue

Business woman holding financial report analyzing and planning how HR drives revenue.

Your human resource department is capable of much more than hiring, firing, and writing the rules. When you invest in a strategic approach, HR drives revenue through its initiatives. In fact, organizations that focus on employee engagement see three times the revenue per employee. Instead of thinking about HR as something you need to do […]

Explaining Job Architecture

People working on job architecture

Would you rather build your home with a blueprint or your very best guess? Unless you’re prone to living on the edge, the answer is easy. A sturdy foundation is a lifesaver, and that applies to your company’s talent strategy too. Job architecture saves your business from numerous headaches, inefficiencies, and inequities. It empowers you […]

HR Audit Checklist

File folder container papers and checklist being examined by a magnifying glass

The holiday season is a perfect time to take a step back and examine your strategy with an HR audit. By conducting a holistic review of your HR strengths and weaknesses, you’ll know exactly where to focus your energy in 2023. But how does an HR audit work?  HR audits provide a clear picture of […]

Adjusting to pay transparency laws

Pay Transparency Laws

Is your business ready for new pay transparency laws? Most notably, California’s pay transparency law goes into effect on January 1st, 2023, following in the footsteps of the 2021 Colorado law. Unfortunately, this presents a new compliance hurdle for small businesses, particularly to clear. So how do you adjust?  The spirit of these pay transparency […]

How to Onboard Remote Employees

colleagues discussing on video call

According to a survey by McKinsey, 58% of U.S. workers work from home at least one day per week. As a result, employees increasingly expect remote work options. However, since remote work at this scale is still new, companies are continuing to learn processes like how to onboard remote employees.    If your company is […]

How To Fire Someone (The Right Way)

Does ‘Employment At Will’ still really exist? So you’ve reached the end of the road with an employee, they aren’t pulling they weight and they have to go, but you don’t know how to fire someone. Moreover, they happen to be a member of a protected class and you’re panicking over the potential blow back […]

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