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Without a sturdy HR foundation, your business is vulnerable to lawsuits, penalties, and other administrative and legal threats. Our HR consultants streamline administrative processes and ensure compliance with complex local, state, and federal requirements. With our help, you can focus more time and resources on your business and leave HR Administration to us.

What we provide within Managed HR Administration

HR Administration:

• Manage on-boarding and off-boarding

• Update handbooks and policies for state and federal compliance

• Manage unemployment claims, personnel files, leave tracking, FMLA, workers’ compensation, 
and COBR

• Facilitate employee separations

Employee Relations and Development:​

• Improve employee engagement

• Conduct employee surveys

• Provide technical support fo your HCM platform

• Implement, manage, and optimize your learning management system (LMS)

• Facilitate exit interviews

HR Compliance:

• Ensure compliance with ACA, OSHA, and EEO-1 reporting requirements

• Guarantee compliance with federal/state/local employment regulations

• Review and assist with filing discrepancies with the applicable federal and state agencies


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businesses lack the time and resources to maintain compliance.

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