Pros and cons of a four-day workweek

Portrait of smiling mature businessman at meeting in modern office during a four-day workweek

By now, you’ve probably heard all the chatter extolling the eye-popping benefits of a four-day workweek. Increased revenue? Higher employee satisfaction? A 32-hour workweek with no dips in productivity? Seemingly every report indicates that the four-day workweek experiments are an overwhelming success. It certainly feels like the beginning of a massive shift in how we […]

What is executive coaching?

Smiling businesswoman leading discussion during executive coaching in office conference room

Executive coaching gives open-minded leaders an opportunity to improve beyond even their own standards. Once you reach the top, it’s natural to concern yourself with the big-picture needs of your business at the expense of much introspection. That can lead to stagnation on personal and organizational levels. Executive coaches cut through the noise, providing valuable […]

Managing workplace conflicts

Business colleagues having a workplace conflict.

Workplace conflicts happen all the time. On average, managers spend 4 hours a week dealing with conflict. Even the most utopian company cultures experience a minor dust-up here or there. However, the severity and impact of the conflict often depend on how it’s handled by HR or management. Is your team equipped to manage workplace […]

How HR Can Drive Revenue

Business woman holding financial report analyzing and planning how HR drives revenue.

Your human resource department is capable of much more than hiring, firing, and writing the rules. When you invest in a strategic approach, HR drives revenue through its initiatives. In fact, organizations that focus on employee engagement see three times the revenue per employee. Instead of thinking about HR as something you need to do […]

Explaining Job Architecture

People working on job architecture

Would you rather build your home with a blueprint or your very best guess? Unless you’re prone to living on the edge, the answer is easy. A sturdy foundation is a lifesaver, and that applies to your company’s talent strategy too. Job architecture saves your business from numerous headaches, inefficiencies, and inequities. It empowers you […]

What is Human Capital Management?

Human capital management (HCM), though not a particularly inviting phrase, is an essential strategic function for every business with employees. It’s the fuel to your fire, and without an intentional approach, your whole organization could burn out. So what falls under the purview of human capital management, and how is it different from human resource […]

Employee Wellness Ideas for World Health Day

Fitness instructor stretching while leading virtual fitness class from living room

The growing focus on holistic employee wellness is more than a trend; it’s necessary. Naturally, the health and well-being of your employees play a significant role in their productivity. In addition, investing in health and wellness beyond your insurance policies can land you more efficient, loyal employees. So in celebration of World Health Day, let’s […]

Developing a Total Rewards Strategy

Developing an effective total rewards strategy is a critical step toward improving, among other things, your employee retention rates. Sure, people want to earn a high salary, but so much more goes into play during a job search. Inclusive, competitive total rewards strategies align organizations under a consistent philosophy of the value they provide. In […]

Making Meetings Purposeful

Group of business people clapping hands for a coworker in staff meeting. Multi-ethnic business team applauding for a female colleague in a meeting.

Instead of grinding through hours of unnecessary meetings each week, check out this blog to learn how to have more purposeful meetings.

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