Making Meetings Purposeful

Group of business people clapping hands for a coworker in staff meeting. Multi-ethnic business team applauding for a female colleague in a meeting.

No one dreads a calendar invite when they trust their coworkers to conduct purposeful meetings. However, that’s not often the case. Fifty-five million meetings occur every week in the United States, but 71% are considered unproductive. That is an astounding amount of eye-glazing encounters. Worse yet, unnecessary or poorly planned meetings often stand in the […]

Employee Appreciation Day Tips

Happy business people discussing during meeting in board room at corporate office

Happy Employee Appreciation Day! We hope you’re ready to celebrate the people who make your business great. While a sincere thank you is a great way to kick things off, we wanted to share a few ideas to help you go the extra mile for your team.  A recent survey found that 37% of employees […]

Getting executive buy-in for HR

Smiling businesswoman shaking hands with client before team meeting in coworking space

Securing executive buy-in for HR initiatives involves clear communication and a story that ties your project closely to your company’s goals, mission, vision, and values. It’s a tall order but one you must complete in order to implement your strategic HR goals. For example, how will reducing turnover translate into higher revenue? Why would outsourcing […]

Implementing a social media policy

Smiling businessman using smart phone while sitting by computer desk. Male professional is surfing internet at home office. He is in casuals at apartment.

Considering around seven out of ten Americans spend time on at least one social media site, it’s worth your time to implement a social media policy into your employee handbook. These policies guide employees’ social media usage at work, on business accounts, and even, to an extent, after hours.  Your social media policy isn’t there […]

7 Ways to Improve Your Employer Brand

Smiling young woman using laptop in a factory

First impressions are everything; just ask the 75% of job seekers who consider a company’s employer brand a key factor in submitting their application. When companies don’t invest time and resources to improve their employer brand, they miss out on high-end talent. That includes the people in your company! Improving your employer brand can reduce […]

6 HR Trends for 2023

A team of young people in a modern office is discussing their project. The group consists of two men and two women, one of the is pointing at some papers while the others pay attention.

2022 has been a rollercoaster ride of a year for businesses, and, heading into 2023, we’ve identified some emerging HR trends to keep your eyes on. How human resources departments respond to the recession, a bizarre talent market, and everchanging technology will be exciting to track. It could also make a world of difference for […]

Encouraging Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

adult female manager smiles at her team and encourages their ideas.

Employee resource groups, or ERGs, instill a sense of belonging and understanding in the workplace. For those reasons, they’re also an effective retention tool, and if you’re like most companies right now, any retention advantage should be welcome. So, what are ERGs, and why should you help employees organize them?  90% of Fortune 500 companies […]

8 Employee Retention Strategies

Smiling investor with male and female computer programmers at desk in office

Businesses everywhere struggle with employee retention. The dust has finally settled after the Great Resignation and Great Reshuffle. Now, according to a report by Lattice, two-thirds of HR teams changed focus from talent acquisition to retention. Furthermore, 83% of organizations are putting more emphasis on keeping employees around than they had before. But what does […]

How to increase PTO usage in 2023

Calendar with Date circles on an island with a green striped beach umbrella and beach ball

Did PTO usage hit a healthy amount for your employees this year? If your employees underutilized their PTO in 2022, they aren’t alone. 55% of Americans don’t use up their paid time off, leaving 6.5 days of unused PTO on average. Although it feels nice to have a full staff on hand every day, it […]

Happy Small Business Saturday!

Mature man running online store

  Small Business Saturday serves as a necessary reminder of the importance of supporting the small businesses in your community. Check out the video above for a quick word of appreciation from our founder and CEO, Adam Daines, for small businesses everywhere.  What started as a campaign by American Express in 2010 evolved into a […]