Protecting your business from employment lawsuits

young business people discussing in office talking about HR compliance

Few words strike fear in the heart of a business owner like “lawsuit.” Unfortunately, employment lawsuits are an ever-present threat to companies, especially those with limited HR compliance knowledge. If you conduct business in the U.S., you’re working in the 5th most litigious country on the planet. Running your business without the right policies and […]

HR Audit Checklist

File folder container papers and checklist being examined by a magnifying glass

The holiday season is a perfect time to take a step back and examine your strategy with an HR audit. By conducting a holistic review of your HR strengths and weaknesses, you’ll know exactly where to focus your energy in 2023. But how does an HR audit work?  HR audits provide a clear picture of […]

Covid Management

Helping you & your customers stay safe & compliant  Welcome back everyone to another ADDA Infusion blog. We trust that you are all staying safe, wherever you find yourself in the world. It’s important to stress, before we get into this, that your safety, the safety of your staff and customers is paramount. With that […]

Too Small To Need HR?

Are you playing ‘Work Place Russian Roulette’ with your business? Welcome back to another blog from us at ADDA Infusion. This week we’re getting serious and tackling the question that I’m sure all you business owners out there ask yourselves: am I too small to need HR? I get that, for a lot of you, […]