Managed Payroll Administration

Precise payroll that avoids penalties and maintains employee trust.

About our service

We ensure the kind of timely, reliable, accurate payroll process that maintains employee trust and avoids penalties. Payroll errors are a regular occurrence for most businesses, but the cost extends beyond your finances. Our detailed approach saves your business time and money while sustaining a positive relationship with your employees.

What we provide within Managed Payroll


  • Enter new hires, re-hires, and terminations
  • Manage employee data such as exemptions, direct deposit, deductions, and rates
  • Track and verify time and attendance for all employees
  • Administer supplemental earnings such as bonus and commission


  • Process payroll and issue checks or vouchers
  • Resolve payroll discrepancies
  • Verify payroll reports and provide previews of earnings, taxes, deductions, leave, and disability
  • Record all transactions
  • Process off cycle payrolls
  • Calculate and issue manual checks


  • Prepare third-party reports by compiling summaries of hours, earnings, taxes, and deductions
  • Forward tax reports to the appropriate department(s) as needed
  • Generate reports and/or files for General Ledger
  • Assist with any other payroll matters

Businesses make, on average, 15 payroll mistakes per cycle costing them thousands annually.​

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