What is executive coaching?

Smiling businesswoman leading discussion during executive coaching in office conference room

Executive coaching gives open-minded leaders an opportunity to improve beyond even their own standards. Once you reach the top, it’s natural to concern yourself with the big-picture needs of your business at the expense of much introspection. That can lead to stagnation on personal and organizational levels. Executive coaches cut through the noise, providing valuable […]

Managing workplace conflicts

Business colleagues having a workplace conflict.

Workplace conflicts happen all the time. On average, managers spend 4 hours a week dealing with conflict. Even the most utopian company cultures experience a minor dust-up here or there. However, the severity and impact of the conflict often depend on how it’s handled by HR or management. Is your team equipped to manage workplace […]

How HR Can Drive Revenue

Business woman holding financial report analyzing and planning how HR drives revenue.

Your human resource department is capable of much more than hiring, firing, and writing the rules. When you invest in a strategic approach, HR drives revenue through its initiatives. In fact, organizations that focus on employee engagement see three times the revenue per employee. Instead of thinking about HR as something you need to do […]

Performance Management Tips

Two female colleagues discussing the new marketing strategy

A recent Willis Tower Watson (WTW) survey found that only around, “one in four North American employers (26%) reported being effective at both managing and paying for performance.” That same survey noted that companies with effective performance management strategies outperform their industry peers by 1.5x financially and 1.25x in employee productivity. Performance management investments pay […]

How to increase PTO usage in 2023

Calendar with Date circles on an island with a green striped beach umbrella and beach ball

Did PTO usage hit a healthy amount for your employees this year? If your employees underutilized their PTO in 2022, they aren’t alone. 55% of Americans don’t use up their paid time off, leaving 6.5 days of unused PTO on average. Although it feels nice to have a full staff on hand every day, it […]

How to fix a toxic workplace culture

Female entrepreneur with hand on chin looking away in office

No one intends to create a toxic culture at their workplace, yet they bubble up everywhere. How? Generally, toxic workplace cultures emerge through a combination of unchecked bad habits, bad conditions, and a lack of strategic cultural and HR initiatives.  Ideally, your business never develops a toxic workplace, but sometimes company culture takes a backseat […]

Learning and Development: Why it’s essential

Learning and development (L&D) initiatives are among the best investments a business can make, especially in a tight talent market. Sometimes new talent is hard to find. However, the people already on your payroll can fill some skill gaps.  To maximize your workforce, add learning and development to your HR strategy. L&D initiatives equip your […]

Applying Employee Engagement Survey Results

Group Of Employees Brainstorming During Seminar

So you’ve conducted an employee engagement survey? You’ve gathered some excellent employee feedback, but what do you do with it? Effectively applying employee engagement survey results shows your staff that their voices and time matter.  Employee engagement surveys, also called eNPS surveys, provide HR professionals with powerful information. When conducted anonymously, you can expect thoughtful […]

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