Managed Services

We step in to manage your HR, Payroll, Benefits and Talent functions and we act as your internal department.

An overview of our Managed Services​

When you choose ADDA to manage your day-to-day, you get a full-service, foundational solution. Our consultants completely manage HR administration, payroll, benefits administration, and talent services.

HR Administration

ADDA’s team reduces your vulnerability to lawsuits, penalties, employee turnover, and more by implementing compliant policies and processes. Employee lawsuits and turnover remain frequent, costly threats to businesses everywhere. With our help, you can avoid distractions and maintain momentum.

  • HR Administration
  • HR Compliance
  • Employee Relations and Development

Payroll Administration

We ensure the kind of timely, reliable, and accurate payroll process that maintains employee trust and avoids penalties. Our detailed approach saves your business time and money while sustaining a positive relationship with your employees.

  • Pre-Processing
  • Payroll
  • Post-Processing

Benefits Administration

ADDA, along with our partners, administers benefits packages that make sense for your business and appeal to top talent. Then, we take things a step further by educating your employees about their coverage.

  • Benefits Administration
  • Benefits Compliance
  • Back-Office HRIS/HCM Support

Talent Services

Finding the right people can completely change your business. Once we bring them in, we keep them around by centering development and productivity. With ADDA handling talent, you’ll recruit smarter and retain employees longer.

  • Recruitment and ATS Management
  • Performance Management and Compensation
  • Learning Management and Employee Engagement

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