HR Administration – Part I: What do you need to know?

HR Administration may not be the most exciting part of HR, but creating and implementing well-refined processes is one of the most important things you can do to keep that pipeline full and flowing. No matter how free-spirited and spontaneous an employee may be out of the office, most of us crave a certain amount […]

HR Tips: How to create a positive interview process

positive interview process

When it comes to attracting the very best talent, how can employers champion a best-in-class experience from the get-go? With remote-working practices re-defining talent acquisition as we know it, creating a positive interview process is just the beginning. Yet by fostering a safe, supportive and thriving environment, candidates can feel empowered to give their best […]

Say it with Pride: how to bring your authentic self to work

Bring your authentic self to work

Do you bring your authentic self to work, and how do you make it count?  When it comes to fostering an inclusive workplace culture, honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of hybrid leadership. But how can leadership teams and employees work together to ensure an exchange of values that feels safe and supported? In a […]

How to meaningfully engage with employees this Pride Month

Pride is a celebration and a call for joyous, inclusive, and ongoing visibility for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. However, Pride also demands an understanding of the discrimination and struggle that this community has faced, and continues to face. With the fight for equality far from over, it is crucial that employees champion this […]

Happy Pride: 5 ways to champion workplace equality

champion workplace equality

Though this year’s Pride Month is a great opportunity to champion workplace equality, your approach to fair representation must be a constant – now and every month. Yet with the barriers of a remote-working world, how can employers continue to rally awareness that truly goes the distance? As leadership teams seek to rebuild and redefine […]

HR Tips: 7 ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile

How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

What does your LinkedIn profile say about you? As the world’s largest professional network on the internet, LinkedIn can help businesses and employees grow their brand, engage with like-minded communities, and upskill through shared experiences. In 2022, the platform is projected to reach 66.8 million monthly active users in the US alone. Optimize your LinkedIn […]

Welcome to the metaverse: 5 ways it could enter the HR sphere

In an alternate reality where people are meeting as virtual avatars, what does the metaverse mean for the world of HR? Companies continue to embrace this technological innovation, but the age of the metaverse has only just begun. With the pandemic re-defining the way we do business around the world, Gartner predicts that by 2026, […]

5 tips for SMBs building an inclusive workforce

Creating a diverse and inclusive (D&I) workplace has never been more imperative. Across all industries, consumers and employees alike are calling for companies to identify areas in which they can create a more supportive and conducive working environment. As individuals seek to align their loyalties with brands that reflect their core values, SMBs building an […]

Workplace mentors: why we need them now more than ever

Whether adapting to remote and hybrid working or upskilling into a new role, employees today have much to deal with beyond their regular day job. With the right support in place, businesses that acknowledge these challenges can harness change as part of the growth journey. We explore the role of workplace mentors, and why we […]

HR Tips: How to build benefits and perks into your business

benefits and perks

As smaller companies continue to navigate the post-pandemic landscape, both employee engagement and well-being are key to steering the ship. By building benefits and perks of real value into your business, employees are more likely to stay put; driving productivity and growth through the years of change to come. From wellness programs to retirement planning, […]

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