HR Tips: How to create a positive interview process

HR Tips: How to create a positive interview process

positive interview process

When it comes to attracting the very best talent, how can employers champion a best-in-class experience from the get-go? With remote-working practices re-defining talent acquisition as we know it, creating a positive interview process is just the beginning. Yet by fostering a safe, supportive and thriving environment, candidates can feel empowered to give their best performance – whether in person or far away.

Whether hiring for the first time or growing your team, finding the right person for the job is priceless. So why should employers and employees settle for outdated interview techniques? Interviews can be an authentic exchange between both parties. Candidates get a chance to showcase their experience, and employers the opportunity to sell theirs. 

We explore a few ways to create a positive interview process that leaves a lasting impression of your business; wherever the candidate journey ends.

Be punctual

Positive interview process

Nobody likes waiting, and the same goes for your candidates. Therefore, when employers have made a selection, they should promptly communicate this to the applicants in question. Though it may take some extra time, it’s essential to do the same for the candidates who were unsuccessful on this occasion. 

A punctual approach sets the tone from the moment an invitation is accepted. Respecting everyone’s time when scheduling the interview via email, to setting aside the time to prepare on the day will always be appreciated. Delays are often likely when finalizing the details, but businesses that keep candidates in the loop can demonstrate courtesy, professionalism, and a willingness to follow through.

Be conscious of the surroundings

The setting is critical to creating a positive interview process, whether from behind a screen or in a boardroom. While you may feel comfortable within your familiar surroundings, take a moment to consider how a candidate may interpret the space. Be sure to conduct your interview in a bright, airy location with windows instead of a claustrophobic box room (at work or home)! Are the chairs comfortable enough? Simple enhancements such as adding house plants or coasters on the table ready for refreshments can help build a sense of calm before the main conversation begins.

Be approachable

The main reason for creating a positive interview process? To allow candidates to thrive as their genuine selves. While aesthetics play a crucial role, approachability largely falls upon the interviewer. Authentically engaging with candidates should therefore not be underestimated. 

Opening the interview with questions centered around the candidate, such as asking about their day, can make them feel more comfortable. Then, as conversations unfold, employers should take the time to listen. In turn, this provides an excellent opportunity for gathering insight into the candidate as a unique individual (not just a list of qualifications on paper).

Be thoughtful

Thoughtfulness goes a long way when creating a positive interview process. Try greeting candidates in the lobby, offering them a cold drink, and asking purposeful questions. Gauging the needs of candidates and letting them shape the discussion based on their experiences creates a level playing field and a safe environment. For longer interview sessions, consider how to break up the day. You may wish to show them around the premises or introduce them to other team members; particularly in the final stages of the process. Finally, ask candidates for their honest thoughts on the role and business. This demonstrates that their opinions are valued – no matter the outcome.

Be willing to share feedback

Positive interview process

The “hard part” may be over, but it doesn’t stop there. Whether the candidate in question was successful or not, sharing feedback is crucial to the learning journey of both parties. While this doesn’t have to be instantaneous, following up with a measured response is a great way to keep the door open should future opportunities arise. 

Of course, interview performance contributes to the decision, but constructive feedback should center on the candidate’s suitability for the role. Likewise, businesses who ask for feedback on their own performance can channel this into their existing processes for an even better experience next time round.

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