Workplace mentors: why we need them now more than ever

Workplace mentors: why we need them now more than ever

Whether adapting to remote and hybrid working or upskilling into a new role, employees today have much to deal with beyond their regular day job.

With the right support in place, businesses that acknowledge these challenges can harness change as part of the growth journey. We explore the role of workplace mentors, and why we need them now more than ever.

When we reflect on our life’s journey, many of us are lucky to name that one person who believed in us; from parents to school teachers to our colleagues at work. While this support may have felt small at the time, it happened when we needed it the most. Perhaps it was starting school for the first time, taking an exam, or leading a company meeting. Whatever the challenge, those words of advice are something many of us will carry for the rest of our lives. So, during times of hardship and colossal adjustment, why stop there?

The role of workplace mentors has been pivotal throughout the pandemic. This is evident for both the employees seeking out the support and the businesses themselves. Adapting to agile working is all part of the growing process. Yet without a mentor’s guidance, this can easily become tough for many. As companies large and small show willingness to embrace change, the role of workplace mentors is to support employees on this voyage as valued members of the ship’s crew. In addition, both the mentee and mentor will likely benefit along the way.

With a workplace mentor, everyone benefits

workplace mentors

Workplace mentors can support employees in a multitude of ways. Whether offering encouragement through personal development, guidance on their career journey, or behavioral feedback; the mentor-mentee relationship will look different for everyone. For mentees feeling isolated, this face-to-face (even if it’s virtual) interaction on a personal level can also help combat stress, anxiety, and loneliness. For the mentors themselves, this unique experience can contribute to their confidence-building and leadership skills. The opportunity to share their knowledge with others can also help mentors achieve a greater sense of fulfillment.

How workplace mentors can cultivate company culture

Workplace mentors will, first and foremost, benefit everyone involved. They also wield the power to transform company environments where everyone can reap the rewards. Creating a company culture where employees feel supported is paramount to building team engagement and boosting morale. Workplace mentors play a huge part in shaping a business’s approach to employee wellbeing. In turn, workforces who feel empowered with the right opportunities are more likely to drive productivity. While employee perks and benefits may be motivating, a growth and development program can often prove to be an even bigger incentive. With support from internal and external mentors, employees will feel more in control of their future – and thus feel more inclined to commit to their role for the long term.

So, you want to introduce a workplace mentor – but how?

workplace mentors

Businesses that build and implement their mentoring programs stand a greater chance of success in the long run. While this may take some time, mentoring programs don’t have to be elaborate. Career mentors can be senior members of staff acting as internal advocates for mid-level employees. By recognizing the mentee’s unique strengths and weaknesses, it is the mentor’s role to lead the way forward, reminding them of how they can contribute to the wider business. This may involve meeting every quarter, goal-setting for the months ahead, or reflecting on achievements. Some mentoring programs may even start as a simple conversation over a cup of coffee.

Whatever mentorship means to your business, those able to achieve the right mentor-mentee partnerships will create something truly built to last. Ultimately, workplace mentors can help advance employees within their careers and also act as a much-needed safety net of emotional support through tougher times. No matter where employees may find themselves on their career journey, it’s important to remember that there is always room for growth. With time, patience, and the right coaching, workplace mentors are a valuable asset to any business today.

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