The Talent Acquisition and Management Process

The Talent Acquisition and Management Process

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Despite the widespread adoption of helpful digital tools like LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and many others, talent acquisition continues to confound even the most alluring companies. This labor market is a feisty one, so your recruiting strategy needs a savvier touch.

Job postings aren’t the surefire candidate magnets they once were. Instead, candidates are now more discerning than ever. For many roles, recruiting involves proving yourself to prospects as much as they need to prove themselves to you. This can be difficult if you don’t know what job seekers are after in 2022. 

ADDA Infusion’s talent experts have all the industry know-how needed to handle your business’s recruiting, hiring, and talent management. Though some roles are more challenging than others, no job is unfillable. Our team can show you why. 


Pre-recruiting process

Effective recruiting starts well before the job postings and interviews. That’s why ADDA consultants work with your team to develop a quality hire roadmap. But, first, we need to conduct market analysis for that specific role to gauge the expectations of those candidates and how competitive their market is at the moment. 

Then we will meet with the hiring manager for that role to understand what qualifications they need from a successful hire. This is where the market analysis meets the specifics of your organization. You will already have a particular list of skills and experience, so we’ll help you understand what’s needed to land a candidate of that caliber. If adjustments are required, we can get those done here.  

Armed with that information, we’ll be ready to help you craft your ideal job description. You likely have the industry expertise to create a fairly detailed description. Our recruiters, however, will be able to turn that description into something more targeted that will grab the attention of your ideal candidates. 

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Job Postings and Candidate Sourcing

Once that description is good to go, we can post the job. Where and how you post these will depend on several factors, including the type of role and your budget. Sites like LinkedIn or Craigslist will charge for job postings, and sites like Glassdoor and Indeed will let you pay to promote your postings over the free ones.  

Regardless, it’s essential to diversify the platforms you use for job postings. Though there’s overlap between Glassdoor users and LinkedIn users, that Venn Diagram is not a perfect circle. Your ideal candidates may be on one website more than the other, so casting a wide net across channels improves your chance of catching them. 

If the job postings are like casting a net, think of sourcing candidates like spearfishing. Perhaps there’s a top-notch fit for your job, but they haven’t seen the post. Our recruiters are not afraid to scour LinkedIn and reach out to candidates directly. Sometimes jobseekers need that extra push! 



Resume Screening

Resume screening is the nitty-gritty process of determining which candidates are worth moving forward to the interview stage. For some roles, this can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. For others, there may not be much of a haystack to begin with. However, our consultants have worked hard to find as many quality candidates as possible within your time frame. 

By referring to the job description and conversations with the hiring manager, we can figure out who amongst the assembled talent pool is ready for prime time. Those are the people you get to speak with first. 

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Hiring Process

The interview process is critical for selecting the new hire and making positive impressions on all interviewees. Therefore, you want to conduct a respectful interview even if someone doesn’t seem like the right fit. Otherwise, you may find some unkind words on your Glassdoor page. 

We ensure that the interview process goes smoothly for your team and the interviewees. This involves keeping things on schedule, serving as a point of contact for interviewees, and even conducting initial interviews. 

As you narrow in on your choice, we will also recommend candidates that we believe would be great fits. Determining factors for fit include their qualifications and interview performance, but these aren’t the only key points. 

How likely do we think this person is to stick around long term? Are they a good culture fit for your team? We help you think beyond the resume because that’s where we find some of the best hires. 

Finally, once you’ve made your hiring decision and offers are out, we’re here to guide everyone through the offer negotiation process and initial onboarding. Here, our HR consultants will work with the new hire to arrive at an offer that excites everyone. 



Outsource your recruiting with ADDA Infusion

ADDA Infusion understands the recruiting and talent management processes in and out. When you pair our expertise with your industry-specific knowledge, high quality hires are imminent. Click here to find out how ADDA Infusion can get you the candidates you’ve been waiting for. 

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