Flexible Time Off Is Better For Everyone!

Avoid the ‘use it or lose it’ approach Are you afraid to offer your workforce flexible time off, because they might leave you carrying the can for months at a time? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Here at ADDA Infusion, we’ve seen more than our fair share of clients who were skeptical that such […]

How To Fire Someone (The Right Way)

Does ‘Employment At Will’ still really exist? So you’ve reached the end of the road with an employee, they aren’t pulling they weight and they have to go, but you don’t know how to fire someone. Moreover, they happen to be a member of a protected class and you’re panicking over the potential blow back […]

How to Implement Employee Benefits

Don’t be scared – Employee Benefits can actually make your business more efficient! Are you a small business owner who’s grown to a size where employee benefits are now a legal hurdle, in order to grow further? Maybe you’ve gone with a broker and are caught in the minefield of implementation. Whatever your situation, you are […]

Why Performance Improvement Plans Don’t Work!

Don’t squander your employees’ trust! Performance Improvement Plans don’t work!! There I said it. In this blog I’m going to explain to you exactly why, in all the years of my experience in HR and management, I’ve seen Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) have exactly the opposite effect of the one intended.  But first… Welcome back […]

Proactive, Strategic Human Resource Management

How strong is your bench?   Today we’re talking Proactive, Strategic Human Resource Management For Maintaining Momentum. Welcome back to another ADDA blog! I hope you’re finding these informative and interesting reading. We really love producing them for you and want to know what topics you would like to see covered next! If you have […]

Covid Management

Helping you & your customers stay safe & compliant  Welcome back everyone to another ADDA Infusion blog. We trust that you are all staying safe, wherever you find yourself in the world. It’s important to stress, before we get into this, that your safety, the safety of your staff and customers is paramount. With that […]

How to be More Attractive to Employers

Think of it like online dating! Hey everyone and welcome back to another blog here at Adda Infusion. We hope that you’ve been enjoying these and getting some useful tips out of them. As we forge ahead with 2021, and the potential for yet more uncertainty in the job market – we wanted to take […]