Outsourcing HR for Small Businesses: The Cost-Effective Solution?

Outsourcing HR for Small Businesses: The Cost-Effective Solution?

As small to medium-sized (SME) business owners, we wear multiple hats and juggle countless responsibilities on a daily basis. From managing finances to overseeing operations, the list seems endless. Outsourcing HR can often seem like the way to go, but is it the cost-effective solution?

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Well a lesson that we learned early on, the hard way; is that we SME owners should not be trying to do everything ourselves!

Think about it: are you an accountant? Do you have marketing experience? Would you pay someone your hourly wage to vacuum the office carpet?

Of course not! 

Outsourcing HR is not only cost-effective for small businesses, it’s vital to preserve your bottom line!

The daunting task of handling HR functions is no different and can be overwhelming, especially with the complexities of employment laws and regulations. But what if I told you there’s a cost-effective solution that could alleviate this burden and allow you to focus on what you do best? Enter outsourced HR.

Close up of people examining business data and metrics discussing the cost-effectiveness of outsourced HR

We get it – HR costs money!

The decision to implement HR for your small business is undoubtedly a ‘prickly’ and potentially stressful one. The associated costs and complexities can be a source of concern for many SME owners. 

Or at least: the perceived associated costs and complexities.

We’ve been in your shoes, and we understand the challenges you face. How could outsourcing HR (and other functions) really be a cost-effective solution? Like you, we embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship with a vision of financial freedom and success. However, the reality of navigating the intricacies of running a business soon set in.

In the early days, we would do anything to avoid taking on extra costs, including trying to do everything ourselves.

But we soon realized that this attitude was costing money, not saving it!

The Cost of Doing It Yourself vs Outsourcing HR: 

Attempting to handle HR tasks internally may seem like a cost-effective solution at first glance. After all, why pay someone else when you can do it yourself, right? 

But here’s the harsh truth – the cost of DIY HR goes beyond mere monetary expenses. 

It’s about the valuable resource that often gets overlooked – time. Specifically: your time!

As SME owners, our time is precious, and every minute spent on administrative tasks is a minute taken away from growing our business.

A stressed business owner bombarded with tasks who would benefit from outsourced HR to make his time cost-effective

Ask yourself: is it better for you to spend three hours of a morning pouring over HR legislation and regulatory documents, or taking sales calls?

The salary that you command is based on your own zone of genius and expertise. Unless that happens to be HR, why tie up valuable (and I do mean valuable) time trying to learn how to also be an HR expert?!

The Benefits of Outsourced HR:

Outsourcing HR may seem like a daunting prospect, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. Believe me!

By partnering with a reputable HR consultancy, you gain access to a team of experts who specialize in navigating the complexities of human resources. From payroll administration to compliance management, they handle it all, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward.

Not only that, but because they will have a network of clients from all walks of life; they’ll also have a vast pool of knowledge to draw from. This makes them all the more efficient at handling complex situations, specific to your industry. 

The Cost-Effectiveness of Outsourced HR:

Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing HR can actually be more cost-effective in the long run. Consider this – when you handle HR internally, you’re not just paying someone’s salary, but you’ll also have to take care of any training that they require in order to remain compliant.  

Your in-house HR person/persons may very well be great at what they do, but they most likely won’t have the adaptability that comes with the breadth of experience an outsourced firm has. They also won’t have the same sense of what it takes to run a business, which we have found has put us at a huge advantage when it comes to understanding what our clients need. 

Namely: growth!

As the old adage goes, time is money, and every hour spent on HR duties is an hour not spent on revenue-generating activities.

Happy employees working stress-free because they outsourced their HR in a cost effective manner

Expertise and Efficiency:

One of the key advantages of outsourcing HR is the expertise and cost-effective solutions it brings to the table. 

HR consultants specialize in their field, staying up-to-date on the latest employment laws and best practices. They have the knowledge and experience to handle complex HR issues with ease, ensuring compliance and minimizing risks for your business.

Given that you’re also only going to be paying for time that you use, it’s an incredibly efficient way to implement HR in your organization.


Customized Outsourced HR Solutions for Cost-Effectiveness in Small Businesses:

Another misconception about outsourcing HR, and HR in general, is that it’s only for large corporations with deep pockets and simply not cost-effective for small businesses. 

Human Resources is, after all, just a paper pushing, non-revenue generating department. An indulgence for those with budgets to burn…right?

In reality, many HR consultancies offer tailored solutions specifically designed for small businesses like yours. From basic HR support to comprehensive HR management, you can choose the level of service that best fits your needs and budget.

Not only that, but an outsourced HR firm can also help you to grow your business, by attracting and retaining the very best talent. 

A group of employees crowded around a lap top celebrating a big win, thanks to outsourced HR


In conclusion, the decision to outsource HR for your small business is a strategic investment in your company’s success. While the initial cost may seem daunting, the long-term benefits far outweigh the expenses. 

By partnering with a reputable HR consultancy, you gain access to expertise, efficiency, and customized solutions tailored to your unique needs. So don’t let the fear of costs hold you back – take the leap and embrace the cost-effective solution of outsourced HR. 

Your business and your sanity will thank you for it.

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