Strategic Workforce Planning


Determine the right talent, at the right time and cost, and in the right quantity to deliver on your business goals.

Proactively Plan Ahead


Workforce planning is the dynamic between what you have today and what you need for the future. We help you tap into your strengths and steer your company in a certain direction – one that’s most beneficial for the future.

  • Identify Risk: Utilize data and analytics to identify the risk of turnover, retirement, and workforce mobility.
  • Demand Planning: Do you have the right people (or enough people) in the right place at the right time? 
  • Analysis of Future Formation: View any gaps in the expected formation and the desired formation of the workforce. 

Setting clear, achievable objectives will help create a strategy to help improve the organization as a whole.


32% of companies have a strong vision for the workforce they want to build in three years.

*Source: Oxford Economics

We help create meaningful change and lasting business results.


We first work with you to identify your organization’s purpose and strategy, then align your operating model around them.

We help identify key issues and friction points within your organization including: 

  • Aligning strategic planning with headcount and talent planning.
  • Creating a clear view of talent demand and supply issues by expense area, reporting relationship, and by location.
  • Providing leadership with easy-to-use reports and tools to determine the impact of their talent decisions and prioritizes future workforce investments.
  • Providing leaders the right metrics—identifying talent risk before it impacts business objectives.
  • Control unplanned talent costs and highlights issues that limit employee productivity.

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