5 Common HR compliance issues

Busy young businesswoman female freelancer boss CEO working on HR Compliance in office.

Maintaining HR compliance is a never-ending process as regulations, and best practices change constantly. In addition, each company must attend to new local, state, and national laws as they come. Without HR expertise on hand, businesses risk tripping into the many pitfalls of non-compliance fines and penalties. But internal HR teams are expensive. So how […]

Managing workplace conflicts

Business colleagues having a workplace conflict.

Workplace conflicts happen all the time. On average, managers spend 4 hours a week dealing with conflict. Even the most utopian company cultures experience a minor dust-up here or there. However, the severity and impact of the conflict often depend on how it’s handled by HR or management. Is your team equipped to manage workplace […]

How to Approach Layoffs

Young businessman carrying his staff and leaving his workplace after getting layed off

In a perfect world, companies would take proactive steps to shield their employees from large-scale layoffs. However, there are instances where layoffs can no longer be avoided. As such, businesses need to know how to approach layoffs strategically and with grace.  2022 saw an onslaught of layoffs across many industries. That number is well over […]

How To Fire Someone (The Right Way)

Does ‘Employment At Will’ still really exist? So you’ve reached the end of the road with an employee, they aren’t pulling they weight and they have to go, but you don’t know how to fire someone. Moreover, they happen to be a member of a protected class and you’re panicking over the potential blow back […]

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