5 Trends in HR Transforming the Workplace in 2022

5 Trends in HR Transforming the Workplace in 2022

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Despite the many challenges Human Resources has faced over the last two years, 2021 has proven to be a valuable year of learning for all – from evolving leadership to inspiring the resilience of employees.

With the traditional workplace model a thing of the past and the employee experience now front and center for the majority of organizations, businesses large and small must continue to operate with both transparency and an open mind to drive success. While what the new year will bring remains unknown, it also provides companies with the opportunity to reflect on the positives and make the adjustments needed within their workplace to set themselves up for success in 2022. 

As we await the new year in anticipation, we explore the top 5 trends in HR to transform the workplace in 2022 (and beyond)!


1. The hybrid model will prevail 

It looks like the hybrid model will fully take root in 2022 and likely remain for many years to come. While remote operations work well for some businesses, it’s just not possible for others. As employers continue to explore the transition back to in-person working, the hybrid model ensures productivity will remain as businesses continue to adapt to the ever-changing climate. Striking the best work-life balance for employees will also take precedence, with the hybrid model offering teams the flexibility to work how they choose – depending on their circumstances. In turn, this will empower employees to achieve their full potential in a safe and supportive environment.


2. Make way for Gen Z

With Generation Z (AKA Gen Z) geared up to embark into the corporate world, 2022 will welcome a new class of candidates into the workplace that brings a different perspective. Born between the mid-90s and mid-00s, this generation will not only be tech-savvy but more familiar with a flexible work culture – minus the confines of the 9-5. Offering passion and a unique perspective, businesses hoping to attract young talent must re-evaluate their employee offerings and current ways of working. For companies only starting to embrace digitalization, Gen Z employees can have a great impact in helping to fast-track this process – futureproofing hybrid operations for the years to come. 

Portrait of a young man standing in modern office space holding digital tablet. Male entrepreneur in casuals looking at camera and smiling.

3. The power of connection 

While teams continue to collaborate the best way they can, the reality of hybrid working (and lack of consistent physical proximity) will continue to put a strain on both peer-to-peer and employer-employee communication. With businesses eager to keep their employees happy in 2022, the underestimated power of connection will go a long way towards rebuilding relationships – and ultimately employee retention. From allowing teams to collaborate from a centralized system to gaining feedback from employees to better understand their needs, businesses that bolster their connections will only enhance their long-term performance as a result.


4. Data is king 

From compliance to vaccination tracking, companies embracing the hybrid model will also experience their share of challenges when it comes to regulations. To help guide that decision-making, real-time data from a single source of truth can give businesses the visibility they need to act. With reliable data powering both efficiency and resilience, companies can feel confident that they have a grasp on the latest updates involving their personnel in real-time. This can be especially valuable to companies entering a period of growth and bringing on new staff as they continue to manage and grow their teams within this remote-working environment.

Business woman presenting positive performance data to a Human Resources team.


5. Accelerated growth through innovation 

As the landscape continues to shift, businesses quick enough to pivot and adapt to the changing demands of both customer and employee expectations can accelerate their growth pathto. Embracing innovation through digitization will not only streamline the customer journey but further enhance the employee experience – such as eliminating time-sucking tasks. As technology creates further efficiencies within the workplace, teams can be freed up to focus on what they do best. As the labor market shifts, evolving roles and skills-based hiring will also play a huge part in driving this innovation. While employers and their employees prepare for next year, those willing to keep an open mind and adopt flexible policies stand a better chance of being successful. By embracing the needs of employees old and new, companies hope to thrive, despite the challenges that may stand in their way. 


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