5 Halloween ideas for your team

5 Halloween ideas for your team

Halloween season crept on in, and it’s a perfect time to inject a little fun into your workplace. So as the calendar year winds down and the holiday season heats up, plan some playful activities to keep spirits high through to the new year. 

Human resources professionals love a good theme, and Halloween events and activities rarely disappoint. They provide a high-energy atmosphere perfect for learning more about your coworkers and their interests. 

If you don’t know where to start with your office Halloween plans, we have a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Though, the best activities come from knowing your employees and their personalities, and executions may vary based on remote or in-person setups. In this blog, we’ll share a handful of Halloween office events and activities that might work for your team! 


Man in suit holds a carved glowing pumpkin lantern with a creepy face. Halloween concept


Halloween Costume Contest

What’s Halloween without a costume contest? They’re an enjoyable, mildly competitive way to let employees express themselves, and they are perfect for both remote and on-site workplaces. You can run a competition for individual costumes or spice it up by turning it into a team activity. If you have the budget, set some prizes for the winners. Gift cards, headphones, candy, and other such items ought to do the trick (or treat). 

If you have customer-facing employees, work with them to decide what appropriate costumes mean for them. Of course, they should be able to join in on the fun to some degree, but you never know if your customers will find themselves in the Halloween spirit. For example, that graphically realistic zombie makeup might not play perfectly in a client meeting. 


Volunteering and Fundraising Opportunities

HR isn’t the only function that loves a theme. Research nearby Halloween charity events or volunteer opportunities to rally your team around. Perhaps the local haunted house needs volunteers, or a senior living facility is in the market for a costume parade. In fact, you can even turn your costume contest into a charity opportunity by donating a set amount of money to a cause chosen by the winner. 

Additionally, scary movies aren’t the only way to get your team’s hearts pumping. Look into charity 5K’s in your area to get involved in, or you may even be able to organize one yourself. Of course, distance running isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but perhaps a Halloween bake sale will be more your speed! 

Employees care about impacting the community, and many companies have positioned paid volunteering hours as a key benefit. So why not work some good deeds into your Halloween plans?



Decorate the Office

Encourage your employees to give their space a Halloween flair. If they’d like, let them decorate their desks or cubicles, and you might even be able to make another competition out of that too! You could even take time to let everyone deck out the whole office with pumpkin decor and cobwebs galore. Your people will appreciate a quick break in their day to have some crafty fun, and it will make your office more festive for the season! 


Office Halloween Party

Office Halloween parties have a wide range of possibilities. They can take on a mythic status depending on the kind of company that’s hosting them. However, yours does not have to be quite so extravagant. It can be as simple as hosting employees for some drinks or a happy hour off-site. You can kick things off with a Halloween-inspired cocktail or mocktail mixology class.

Another fun way to get in the spirit is with a good, old-fashioned Halloween potluck full of spooky-themed foods. As long as the event is safe, the most important thing is for your employees to be able to loosen up and enjoy each other’s company. Then, everyone can head home with fun memories to chat about the next day. 


Early Release

Trick or treating is no joke; your employees with kids are in for a long, active night. If you can, close up shop early on Halloween, so your team can decompress before having a memorable night with their families. Those who don’t have children at home will be appreciative nonetheless. 

Burnout runs rampant during the holiday season, so a quick reprieve now might make a world of difference over the coming months. Just make sure to plan ahead, so everyone can get their work done or covered. 


The only thing ADDA loves more than Halloween is HR

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