An HR Q&A With Adam Daines | Part One

Welcome everyone to the ADDA Infusion Blog. In a break from the usual content this week, we’re bringing you an HR Q&A session with ADDA Infusion CEO Adam Daines.

HR can often seem like an incredibly complicated, indecipherable subject. A lot of people see it as a corporate mine-field, fraught with career-ending danger. It really isn’t though and something we at ADDA Infusion feel really strongly about, is demystifying HR and making it much more approachable for everyone. 

So please do reach out and we’ll answer it in a future HR Q&A video.

If you have any questions regarding employment, be it as an employer or employee, please send them to: or via our Contact Page.

We welcome and encourage everyone to bring their questions forward, however big or small they may seem. There are no ‘dumb questions’ here so please get in touch. The more we can do to demystify and clear up the world of HR for you, the easy our job is! That’s really the driving force behind this HR Q&A series. 

Question timestamps:

01:12 – Can Flexible Time Off (FTO) work in any industry?

02:31 – Can I challenge unemployment?

03:29 – People are quitting during the interview process. How do I stop this?

05:02 – Background checks. Do you do them & would you advise them?

06:31 – Can a spouse report to another one or their kids?

07:47 – Should I tell a company my real salary (when applying for a role)?

09:49 – How can you make a Resumé more attractive?

11:38 – How do you defend against an accusation of work-place harassment?

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