HCM Implementation Services

HCM Implementation Services

Human Capital Management (HCM) software is a critical investment for any business, and we are here to help make it pay off.

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An overview of our HCM Services

Software like your HCM is powerful but complex. Considering the value these systems can bring to your business and the sensitive data they store, you need an expert to maximize your ROI and data security. We offer 3 unique packages to assist with an on-time and on-budget HCM implementation.

Our 3 Implementation Tiers

Our 3 implementation packages are built to best meet your current needs. Whether it’s providing guidance to keep the project on target or handling the heavy lifting such as dual maintenance, auditing data integrity, and system build-out, you decide which one best aligns with your needs.


20 Service Hours

• Serve as project manager

• Create a project plan with responsibilities, milestones, and a checklist

• Track timelines and deliverables

• Coordinate and attend all meetings

• Provide recommendations for best practices

* And more


50 Service Hours

Serve as project manager and co-contributor

Assist with duties as requested by client

Scrub data in legacy system prior to data extraction

Dual maintenance

Perform audit and make necessary adjustments

* Includes all items from Bronze and more


80 Service Hours

Serve as project manager and sole contributor

Move employee personnel files and attachments

Work with third party vendors on file feeds

Update carrier site(s)

Build out additional modules

* Includes all items from Bronze, Silver and more

All of the items within each package can be tailored to your needs.

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