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Welcome back everyone to another ADDA Infusion blog. We trust that you are all staying safe, wherever you find yourself in the world. It’s important to stress, before we get into this, that your safety, the safety of your staff and customers is paramount. With that said: here at ADDA Infusion, we have put together industry-leading guidance, information and applications for helping you with COVID Management. 

This has been an incredibly trying period for businesses, great and small. As we all know, whether you’re based in a restricted area or not: global business has been dealt a huge blow. 

While we understand the need to do our best to halt the spread of the virus, we also want to help you to remain as active as possible during this period. We understand that you’re worried about keeping your staff safe and employed. 

That’s why we have been working tirelessly to put together comprehensive COVID Management strategies, tailored to your global region, state, principality etc…

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The first thing to stress is that we wanted to approach this from a place of understanding.

We’re all feeling it!

As human beings, it’s not natural to be isolated like this, or indeed: forced together in this way either! Our freedoms have been curtailed in ways that we had hitherto thought unimaginable. This has had a massive impact on our collective mental health, our confidence and our optimism for the future. 

Our strategies really come from this point of view. We believe in tackling this from a human perspective. Really trying to alleviate the personal pain that we’re feeling right now, and in so doing; also be able to free up your business as much as possible. 

We’re all about Human Resources after all! So that’s where we start. 

We get that, in the last year or so, your internal departments have doubtlessly been under immense pressure to help your business survive. With reduced hours of operation and the spectre of staff sickness threatening to take down entire teams; stress and uncertainty are rife!

Just when you think you’re up to speed with the latest guidance and regulations, boom: something new drops and you have to shift your processes all over again. It can be exhausting and demoralising. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed; just know that you’re not alone! We’re all feeling this too.

What became very apparent to us, through speaking with our clients throughout the world, was that we needed to create an up-to-date repository of all local and national government guidance. We also understood that members of staff and customers needed to have a fast, accurate track and trace system.

This had to be easy to use, understand and implement; without the need for storing private information.

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There are over 89,000 municipalities in the United States alone! They all have their own approach to managing COVID at a local level, depending on their specific needs. Those in the north will have higher rates than those in warmer climates like Hawaii and Texas. That stands to reason. 

As a business this can be incredibly hard to navigate, especially if you offer services across multiple states and worldwide!

Heck – we’ve been struggling to keep up with and compile all of the regulatory requirements, as they come in! We’re proud to say though, as a result of our hard work and diligence: we probably have one of the largest databases out there. 

Our track and trace program is designed to offer not only fully comprehensive contact monitoring for your staff and customers, but we are also constantly working to update it, in order to stay ahead of the curve. 

Every month we update our database with local information for you, on the following:

  • Disinfecting your offices – if you & your staff are in
  • Regulation reviews 
  • Supplemental pay & sick-leave requirements
  • Reporting requirements
  • Anything else new for your area

How do we do it?

Well we have lots of local contacts and email lists set up to receive new information as soon as it is available. We then collate this and update our database, to help keep all of our clients as informed as possible at all times. 

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We also provide strategies to help improve your odds against COVID. We have a dedicated team of COVID professionals, who’s sole job is to provide guidance on COVID management. Their job is also to keep all of our COVID data centralized, ensuring that there is no room for error or misinterpretation. 

It’s very easy to lose track of data handling requirements, especially in areas where infection and death-rates have to be kept track of. Where local governments require regular reporting and information, this can quickly become hard to keep track of.

Our COVID team has access to all of the necessary guidance and can help you to remain compliant, wherever you’re situated. 

We work with a wide range of private companies and public departments, non-profit organisations and charities all over the world. Thanks to this, we’ve really been able to build up a strong ‘knowledge-database’ enabling us to help you adapt to incoming changes to the law, quickly and as painlessly as possible!

Now – let’s be realistic!

This is a novel virus that we’ve only had contact with for just over a year (at the time of writing). Nobody can truly claim to be an ‘expert’ in it. The fact is that we don’t know what effect the vaccinations will have and how we will adapt to it, as time passes. 

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At ADDA Infusion we can however claim to offer the most up-to-date resources and knowledge center. 

So what do you get when you work with us?

Well firstly we see this as a big collaborative effort. We want to share as much information as possible and we recognise that it’s a two-way street. We take everything that our clients are telling us and we share it with others, where we think it can help them. 

In working with us – you’ll gain access to all of this information. 

We are constantly developing new technologies and systems, designed to help mitigate the impact of COVID. These also help you to open up quicker and retain a perfect COVID compliance score with your local state government. 

With our partners all over the world, we regularly stay in contact with them, to remain updated on what is being rolled out locally for them and the lessons that we can learn.

We look at what’s working, what’s not and put together the most rounded advice possible for our clients. 

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Track & Trace

We actually offer two different types of track and trace here at ADDA Infusion. One is the employee system where we maintain a list of all employee information, and then report regularly to management. 

Our second track and trace program is anonymous and designed especially for those clients in hospitality services (though not exclusively so). Where people run bars, restaurants, retail and any other environment with large thoroughfare from the public – we can offer a track and trace system that doesn’t require any personal information. 

All we need is somebody’s phone number.

Our system has been specially designed to anonymously track them, via their cell phone number and provide alerts depending on where they are and where they’ve been.

This helps everyone stay safe, with minimal intrusion into people’s private lives. 

We developed this system because we understand that a lot of these types of businesses have customers, who do not want to give out their personal details. Much less: every time they go for something to eat!

The advantages of using our COVID Management services are:

  1. It keeps you, your staff and your customers safe
  2. Ensuring that you are legally compliant in your area and able to keep trading
  3. It can help reduce your lost-labour hours by up to 50%!
  4. Your medical insurance carrier may contribute to the cost, or even pay for it in full, if you speak to them about working with certified COVID Management professionals.

Lastly – this is also about advantage when it comes to competition. If your rivals in your area have not kept up-to-date with their COVID Management requirements, they could be caught on the back foot. This might even lead to them being unable to trade for a period, until they have safeguards in place at vast expense. 

Working with us will help you to stay ahead of the curve. We’ll keep your COVD costs to a minimum (and even avoid them all together, as outlined above). We work to meet and exceed local standards, enabling you to keep trading and ahead of the competition. 

As we opened with: this is all about personal reassurance, ultimately. We know that, in order to be at your best: both you and your customers need to be able to come in to your place of work with confidence. 

If you would like to speak to us here at ADDA Infusion about your COVID Management requirements, the services we offer and how we can help you: please do get in touch with us via our CONTACT US page. 

We will be happy to help. 

Keep an eye out for more informative vlogs and blogs in the coming weeks and I will look forward to speaking to you again soon. 

Check out Adam’s Vlog here for more on how ADDA Infusion are helping clients with their COVID Management:


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